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Secret Wherrett is the publisher of El Paso Inc.

We can point fingers and blame the leadership, or lack of, for El Paso’s terrible coronavirus situation. There’s no consensus on the right pat…

It has been an exciting week at El Paso Inc., despite the surrounding chaos.

As this issue headed out to press, El Paso Inc. enjoyed an early deadline so that our staff could attend the Women of Impact awards on Friday night.

Does it feel like the world has gone crazy? There’s no doubt that everyone’s on edge. From politics to coronavirus and everything in between, …

Across El Paso, families have been transitioning back to school in a virtual format.

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This week some good news! El Paso Inc. is thrilled to announce the 2020 Women of Impact.

Wear a mask, keep your distance, sanitize your hands.

On Friday, El Paso Inc. will open up the vote for Best of El Paso and I am asking each of you to participate. Please cast a ballot.

Hanging out in our backyard last week, my husband pointed to a rare sighting. Thousands of feet in the sky, a commercial jetliner departed El …

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Have you fallen down a coronavirus rabbit hole a time or two? You have to be careful, as there is a minefield of conspiracy theories and false…

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