I don't like this historical downtown district designation for the Durangito!

It only stalls the building of our downtown arena, or scraps it all together.

Next time the city votes for another quality of life bond issue, I'll vote against it.

Because of carpetbagger tran…

According to downtown property owners! they have derailed the downtown historical district plans. Which I find as great news! As already is, El Paso has tons of dilapidated building that surround the downtown district.

My take is that downtown revitalization is good for all El Pasoa…

The WestStar Tower is the most notable building in downtown El Paso now. The One San Jacinto and Wells Fargo towers both seem the pale in height and size from certain vantage points.

Oscar Leeser must abide to the overwhelming will of the El Paso Quality of Life Voters in 2012. He has sided with Max Grossman not to build the voter approved downtown arena.

That facility should had already been built and completed four years ago. But it was his inept leadership th…

Oscar Leeser is SAD NEWS for El Paso. He tries to make himself look good. Because El Paso is going through a pandemic crises.

Is he trying to be like Donald Trump? Why not name either of the COVID Vaccines after him.

The Oscar Leeser Antidote Remedy.

Even if you bury a contaminated wasteland 3 or 6 feet deep, you can't hide what was there before. Good thing that UTEP saw the writing on the wall, had they purchase the former Asarco property. It's a risky situation and buyers beware before you sign and start investing.

I am a registered Democrat Voter and I wish Mayor Dee Margo all the best of luck in his reelection bid. In these horrible times that Donald Trump left the country in. I would say that Mayor Dee Margo in the only leader at City Hall. That can make El Paso recover from it's jobs loss and pa…

It's extremely disappointing that is the best El Paso can do when it comes to voting for a city mayor. Seriously! Mayor Dee Margo is way better of being El Paso's Mayor.

He's done more for our city than Oscar Leeser has in their tenure of El Paso mayor.

I voted for mayor Dee M…

[angry] District 2 needs to VOTE OUT this Max Grossman Enabler Annello from office.

WestStar Tower is rapidly filling up! I still think that they should had built it taller. And I'm willing to bet that those floors would also get bought out. The Building is only 18 floors of office space, not 20 floors as mentioned here.