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Cindi Aboud believes everyone has choices when a tragedy occurs.

When Yolanda Arriola first met a certain 16-year-old young man in her GED program years ago, he was using drugs heavily.

Lupe Canales remembers the first time she met Adair Margo.

Little Alex may have only been 6 years old, but to Creative Kids co-founder and executive director Andrea Gates-Ingle, he was wise beyond his years.

Signs of success emanated from Rosemary M. Marin even when she was a teenager.

Marina Monsisvais, owner of Barracuda Public Relations, which promotes many El Paso events, sees a plethora of colors and shapes.

YWCA El Paso Del Norte CEO Dr. Sylvia Acosta was set to give a speech at the Unidos Conference in San Diego on Aug. 3, 2019, when the Walmart shooting happened.

The YWCA El Paso Del Norte had good reason to name a young woman’s award for Dr. Azuri Gonzalez, Director of the Center for Community Engagement at UTEP.

As a young labor and delivery nurse, Tasha Hopper spent many days with women waiting for doctors to arrive and deliver their babies.

Dr. Kristina Mena walked into the small house in the colonia where a young woman lived with her small children and her mother. There was no running water, no paved roads, no access to transportation.

Fearless. That’s how EPCC President Dr. William Serata describes Keri Moe, his Associate Vice President for External Relations, Communication and Development.

The woman on the phone was frantic and suicidal because she couldn’t afford shots for her cat. Another woman who sat outside the grocery store with her daughter selling trinkets had a big growth on her neck. A dog was running loose on the freeway.

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