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2015 Women of Impact

"What do you need me to do now?” was Sally Hurt-Deitch’s response when told she’s a 2015 Woman of Impact.

Woman of Impact 2015 honoree Ruth Ellen Jacobson insists her favorite kind of music is symphonic and thinks Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony is the cat’s pajamas.

Dr. Blanca E. Enriquez believes that if you give children a comprehensive education – provide them first-class instruction, caring teachers, physical health, nutrition, parent support – children will thrive and succeed.

Philanthropy” – something 2015 Woman of Impact Gayle Greve Hunt probably defines dozens of ways.

As a catch-and-release fly fisherwoman, Sharon Butterworth has battled many a fish.

El Paso Inc.’s Women of Impact awards honor six women who have made the most significant impact on our community.

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