Interstate 10 in Downtown

A rendering shows what a proposed deck park over Interstate 10 in Downtown could look like.

A multimillion-dollar project that includes rebuilding and widening Interstate 10 through Downtown El Paso is one step closer to becoming a reality.


A rendering shows possible design features on a proposed deck park in Downtown.


A historical photo shows El Paso before I-10 ran thorugh Downtown. Highlighted in yellow is where the interstate runs today.

Downtown El Paso

Segment 2 of Reimagine 1-10 will remake the interstate through Downtown El Paso.


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If this downtown deck plaza ever gets built, it would be the ultimate most amazing project. To have being built in in downtown or city wide ever, it would be spectacular.

Not many Southwest cities other than Dallas and Phoenix has such freeway structures. And El Paso could be the next city inline to have such awesome deck plaza with a beautiful landscape park on top of Interstate 10.

But as usual El Paso is most unfortunate to have the Naysayers who always try to derail everything that is good.

The downtown arena is an example of what I'm saying! it's been nine years since we overwhelmingly voted for the quality of life. Bond issues, and Max Grossman and David Stout have continued with there none sense negative rhetoric. To save the outhouse that might have Pancho Villa's DNA.

Downtown Deck Plaza and the downtown arena, A positive Yes! Max Grossman and David Stout a negative NO!

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