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Club Corner

J.J. Childress wants to make El Paso the best place to live, work and create. He’s not alone. Childress is the president of Progress321, an organization that is dedicated to doing just that.

Love My Ride

You’ve probably seen the El Paso County Sheriff’s Posse and its scarlet red stagecoach at parades and holiday events across the region. But the wagon carries more than toys and Santa at Christmas.

Short Story

Artist Spotlight

What We're Reading

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Second Act

“As a kid, I thought if you own a business, you’re rich. What a fallacy. But what I’ve learned about myself is that I’m up to the challenge.”

Beyond the Bottle


With the holidays in full swing, you're likely focused on gatherings, gifts and grub. After hitting the afterparty menudo (and aspirin bottle), you’ll probably turn your attention to your New Year resolutions – including to lose weight and get fit (and to never ever party like that again).



The Golden Age

Experts agree that keeping fit, eating the right foods and building up the immune system help combat the COVID-19 virus and are key to staying generally healthy, especially during our golden age.

Street(car) Talk

What's Up Winter Calendar

The live entertainment we longed for during the pandemic has made a notable comeback in the Sun City, and there's plenty more on the way to fill our calendars. Here's a look at What's Up across the borderland.


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