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Love My Ride

Heather Wilson’s life is rooted in flight. “I started so young I’d have to sit on two pillows to be able to look out the window,” Wilson said about riding in her dad’s Piper Cub aircraft when she was just 5.

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Short Story

Artist Spotlight

    LA VILLITA: El Paso artist Dave “Grave” Herrera’s mural of legendary Mexican artist Frida Khalo in West El Paso features an excerpt from a letter she wrote to her husband, renowned painter Diego Rivera. Herrera, 49, also coordinated the “Greetings from El Paso” mural through his company, 3rd…

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    downtown hotels welcome you!

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    When El Paso businessman Paul Foster began renovating the historic Mills Building in Downtown, he noticed another dark, vacant building in the middle of a flurry of redevelopment. 

    Streetcar Talk

    Stephanie Valle’s smile – and no-nonsense, community journalism – has graced our television sets for 18 years.

    Second Act


    Shop Talk

      The sportswear market in the U.S. stands at about $62 billion a year, according to the market research company Technavio, and is expected to surpass $100 billion in 2025.


      Usually a radiant green, it sparkles in the sun and looks like well-fertilized, watered, manicured actual grass turf.


      If your vision of a dude ranch includes bunkhouses, outhouses and long flights to Wyoming, you might want to think again. 

      Beyond The Bottle


      Do-it-yourself décor projects are a great way to express your creativity and put a personal touch on your home’s accents.


      Social Security

      The April 15 deadline to file your federal income tax return (or request and extension) is rapidly approaching. With that in mind, it’s important to note the difference between your earnings record and your benefits statement. In essence, your earnings record shows the earnings you’ve had ea…

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