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From The Editor: Finding Hope

Club Corner

Love My Ride

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What we're Reading

    Check out what El Paso area business and community leaders are reading and give us an insight into some of their favorite books.

    El Paso Reads

    Short Story

      “Coatlicue Girl” is a collection of short stories and poems in English and Spanish by Gris Muñoz that speak of passion, survival and the perseverance of cultural identity. Coatlicue, or “serpent skirt,” is a mythical Aztec earth goddess who is said to have given birth to the moon and stars. …

      Artist Spotlight

        ORACIÓN  TEJIDA: This spray paint and yarn piece on a wooden panel titled “Woven Prayer” in English is one of Eugenia Carmona’s signature works. The El Paso-born artist, muralist and designer danced folklórico for many years, and says her work largely incorporates colors inspired by traditio…

        Aaron Jones

        Streetcar Talk

        El Paso’s Jim Ward – a founding member of the popular bands At the Drive-In, Sleepercar and Sparta – has traveled the world thanks to his musical endeavors. 





        At this point in the year — and the pandemic — the desire to escape to a place far away might be overwhelming. Even with so many borders closed, podcasts can transport you elsewhere, making them a good alternative to real, out-of-the-house travel. Here’s a collection of audio experiences tha…

        Beyond The Bottle

        Social Security

        Millions of Americans who get monthly Social Security or Supplemental Security Income benefits need help managing their money and may need a representative payee.  


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