'Don't get close to the table': Maneskin poke fun at Cocaine-gate upon Eurovision return

Maneskin poked fun at cocaine-gate as they returned to 'Eurovision' on Saturday night (14.05.22).

The Italian rockers - who won last year's contest - were infamously cleared of drug use after they were asked to take a drug test by 'Eurovision' bosses amid allegations their frontman, Damiano David, snorted drugs from a table during the broadcast in 2021.

And after performing their new single, 'Supermodel', Damiano made a Cocaine-referenced joke about the incident.

He joked at the final at Turin's PalaOlimpico: "Have fun - and don't get close to the table guys."

The band denied the allegations, saying Damiano was picking glass off the floor after it was dropped by bandmate Thomas Raggi.

They said on Instagram at the time: "We are really shocked about what some people are saying about Damiano doing drugs. We really are AGAINST drugs and we never used cocaine. We are ready to get tested, ‘cause we have nothing to hide.

"We are here to play our music and we are so happy about our Eurovision win and we wanna thank everyone for supporting us. Rock n roll never dies. We love you. (sic)"

Maneskin walked away victorious thanks to their song, ‘Zitti e buoni’.

Meanwhile, Damiano was struggling with an injured ankle as he performed with his bandmates tonight.

The lead singer had earlier reassured fans he would still be in fine form and he ditched the crutches he had been using, but stumbled a few times.

Sharing a clip of himself doing his skincare routine with a face mask on, the 'I Wanna Be Your Slave' hitmaker wrote on his Instagram Story: "My ankle is bad but my skin can still be perfect."

In another post, he added: "Tomorrow we'll smash the stage anyways, don't worry 4 me.

"Love y'all. (sic)"

Damiano didn't say how he injured himself.

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