Signs of success emanated from Rosemary M. Marin even when she was a teenager.

“Back in high school, she was already a little lawyer,” said Lucy Rodarte, chief financial officer of Centro De Salud Familiar La Fe, Inc., who went to Bel Air High with Marin. “She was involved in so many activities, and she was very clear with her opinions.”

It’s that drive and passion that creates success in whatever Marin does, said Rodarte, whose organization is a client of Marin’s.

“She’s a total inspiration, not only as an attorney, but also as a female Hispanic,” Rodarte said.

For Marin, it’s all about using her knowledge as a corporate labor and employment attorney for ScottHulse to help organizations in El Paso that need her help. She says she is fortunate the firm encourages her to work for non-profits, which have included the YWCA El Paso Del Norte, United Way of El Paso, El Paso Child Crisis Center, Borderplex Alliance and Community En Acción.

For the boards and organizations she helps, it’s a blessing, said Debra Zuloaga, CEO of United Way.

“No matter how busy she is, if she makes a promise to a non-profit, she honors that commitment,” Zuloaga said.

YWCA board member Rebecca Krasne said her legal expertise is invaluable.

“Rosemary always commits herself to an organization,” Krasne said. “She brings her perspective and the experience, knowledge, and wisdom of a labor attorney. She’s a heck of a lawyer, and a committed board member. She’s a double gift. She’s not only an amazing human being but a great and thoughtful attorney.”

Marin said that giving back to her community was the way she was raised. Her parents were always heavily involved in their church, San Antonio de Padua. Marin still sings in the church choir and took over the ministry to the elderly when her parents could no longer do it.

“It’s difficult work because you go into it knowing they will pass away. They are homebound and sick when you take them on. But I saw through my parents how meaningful it was.”

She does it all, she said, because her community has given her so much.

“El Paso is home, and that means everything to me. Family, work and children are here. I really am committed to make sure El Paso is the best it can be. I want to do my part to make sure the city continues to evolve, so kids come back and want to live and work here.”