2013 Women of Impact

There’s a personal reason Susan Guerra became a puppeteer in 1982...

Rosa Guerrero just smiles when a fifth grader asks why she isn’t dead. That kind of confusion can arise when a school is named after you, and you’re still alive.

The CEO/owner of Facilities Connection, Inc. isn’t kidding: she’s thankful she’s an American. Despite the business honors and awards she’s received over the years, Patty Holland-Branch hasn’t for- gotten the early struggles.

If you want to balance someone’s civic accomplishments with the fond memories others have of them, then you might start with 2013 Women of Impact Linda Daw Hudson. 

Stephanie Karr admits her Mom Genes kicked in when she was fostering babies. But the El Paso Center Against Family Violence’s executive director considers it just one cog in a life of social service activities.

Dennece Knight, executive director of the University Medical Center Foundation, credits “her hero” for instilling persistence in Knight’s DNA.

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