Two short months after its $425 million facilities bond measure was approved by voters in November 2019, the Ysleta Independent School district has hit the ground running in its efforts to begin the second phase of its work to transform its century-old schools and facilities into state-of-the-art, modern, and spacious campuses.

The start of work for the YISD Bond 2019 program comes on the heels of the completion of the $430.5 million YISD Bond 2015, which began in November 2015 to repair, renew, and renovate YISD campuses, as well as improve athletic and fine arts facilities, and enhance security at all campuses by the 2020-2021 school year.

Over the past four years, YISD Bond 2015 funds were used to upgrade The District’s technology, security, and athletic programs; build new cafeteria/kitchens, classroom wings, gymnasiums, and fine arts spaces at several campuses; extensively renovate the Eastwood High School campus; build the new Thomas Manor Elementary School, Bel Air Middle School, and the Mission Valley Elementary School/Del Valle Middle School K-8 combo campus; and add a new athletic complex at Bel Air High School.

However, the final major YISD Bond 2015 project – the Bel Air High School Athletic Complex – opened in January, nearly six months ahead of schedule, and is a three-story competition and auxiliary gym that features multiple basketball/volleyball courts, and wrestling and gymnastics areas.

Determined not to lose the momentum of its 2015 bond program, Ysleta ISD moved quickly to launch the YISD Bond 2019 program, with several major projects currently in design that are expected to begin in either late spring, summer, or fall of 2020. Several projects are listed below; more information can be found online at


Refrigerated Air

This calls for districtwide refrigerated air conversion (from evaporative cooling) and life-cycle improvements at 24 schools across all seven YISD Learning Communities, which will improve the air quality of the learning environment and day-to-day comfort of students and staff. Refrigerated air maintains a more consistent temperature, aids in removing moisture from the air, and assists in filtering any bugs, pollen, or contaminants before they enter a building’s central air system.


Safety & Security Enhancements

These enhancements would include the addition of safety vestibules, front-office panic buttons, controlled campus access points, ballistic film, as well as fire alarm/fire sprinkler system upgrades.


Bel Air High School modernization

This is an extensive renovation of the school’s original 1960s wing of classrooms (similar to the recent Eastwood High School renovation). It would maintain the newest and most viable parts of the campus, such as the gymnasium, fine arts building, and health professions building.


New Hanks-Area Middle School

This new facility will be built on the existing athletic fields/spaces at Indian Ridge Middle School, and would serve up to 1,200 students from Indian Ridge and Desert View middle schools, which were rated in poor condition on previous facility assessment reports.


New Scotsdale Elementary School

This new facility will be built on the school’s existing site to replace the nearly 60-year-old original campus. The campus and a significant number of its systems were rated in poor condition on previous facility assessment reports.


New Riverside-Area Elementary School

The construction of this facility will enable the consolidation of two existing campuses: Ascarate Elementary School, an 82-year-old campus, and Cedar Grove Elementary School, a 60-year-old campus. This new campus will be built on one of the existing schools’ sites.


New Dolphin Terrace Elementary School

This will be built on the site of the existing 60-year-old campus. It will accommodate up to about 800 students, and bring the same level of innovative learning spaces as the new Thomas Manor and Mission Valley elementary schools built with the 2015 bond.


Riverside High School

Renovations and improvements will be made to Riverside HS, including the Career & Technology facility.


High School Athletics

Multipurpose turf, or artificial surface, will be installed at high-school softball and baseball fields.


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