Moms on Board works to better community

The recently formed nonprofit Moms on Board works to bring better, safer and more fun amenities to families across El Paso.

An El Paso online group has morphed into a full-fledged nonprofit organization, and it’s using its mom-and-dad muscle to push for better, safer and more fun amenities for families citywide with much success.

“Moms on Board is about bringing the community together to get involved, get active and to make more family-friendly amenities in El Paso,” said Adrianne Moody, co-founder of Moms on Board. 

The group, composed of parents from all over the city, was behind the installation of shadestructures  and inclusive services at parks with help from local governments and the Paso del Norte Foundation.

The nonprofit started its community work with 300 members on a Facebook page last summer, and the group now has nearly 7,000 followers.

There, they discuss the latest happenings in El Paso and share ideas about making the city better for families. 

The group meets on the 19th floor of the Wells Fargo building Downtown. Members often bring their children and their lunch to meetings.

Moody said the group is now focused on raising $2.4 million in partnership with El Paso County to help make Ascarate Park more inclusive. That means creating activities for children of all abilities, including for those with special needs such as autism and Down syndrome.

Among the amenities being considered are a Dino Dig, sensory tunnels and  demonstration gardens. 

“This all-inclusive park would be a welcome addition to Ascarate Park, not only for El Pasoans who have children with special needs but also for visiting families who bring their children to El Paso for doctor visits,” said Tracy Yellen, CEO of the Paso del Norte Foundation.

The nonprofit is hosting a Couple’s Night Out on Nov. 10 at 501 Bar & Bistro in Downtown to raise funds for the project. 

They are also selling T-shirts, starting a GoFundMe page, and providing advertising on their Facebook page.  

The group got its start pushing the city to provide better shade from the hot desert sun at the new spray parks last summer. 

After some discussion with the nonprofit, the city approved the use of more than $1 million for canopies, trees, benches, trash containers and landscaping at its nine spray parks. 

The group has also pushed the city and county governments to have nursing stations and changing tables in public restrooms.

“It’s important because it helps move your city forward,” Moody said. “The more you are involved in your community, the more it evolves.”

Recently, the Hospitals of Providence and Texas Tech Physicians of El Paso teamed up with Moms on Board to provide a free back-to-school health fair. 

“It’s a grassroots community effort,” Moody said.

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Moms on Board

Information or to get involved: 

MOB - Families for El Paso on Facebook


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