Eddie and Harley Farley were invited to a birthday party for their friends, Andrew and Daniel.

It was Harley’s first birthday party ever, and best of all, it was at Memorial Park. Harley was excited about seeing his friends, but he was most excited about eating cake.

He watched the clock, and it moved as slow as a turtle.

“Harley, if you don’t watch the clock, time goes by faster,” Eddie offered.

Eddie and Harley spent some time wrapping their presents—a truck and a ball. Harley wondered why they were hiding the presents.

Finally, it was time to go to the park.

Harley had cake on his braaaaain. Would it be chocolate? Strawberry?

When they arrived, Andrew and Daniel ran over to greet them. They had been waiting for Harley and Eddie to arrive so they could all play.

Harley spotted their birthday cake, and he ran for it.

“Caaaaake!” he hollered as he ran for the table.

“Wait!” Eddie yelled after him. “It’s not time for cake yet.”

“We’re going to play first,” Andrew said.

Harley liked Memorial Park. There were hills and trees everywhere. There was a bridge and you could cross it or go under it. Pine cones covered the ground. There was a turtle made of cement. Harley said hello, but it didn’t answer back.

Harley and his friends ran all over the park playing hide and go seek, swinging at the playground, climbing trees and playing chase.

“You can’t catch me,” Daniel shouted.

After playing, everyone got in line to hit the piñata. Harley felt terrible about hitting the piñata. Would it hurt?

Don’t worry,” Eddie assured him. “It’s made out of paper.”

The kids took a baseball bat and whacked the Fortnite Llama piñata. Suddenly, candy fell out from the bottom.

“CANDY!” Harley shouted and ran to gather it. Candy might even be better than cake!

“Wait!” Eddie yelled. “You’re going to get hit with the bat!”

Just as he said that, Harley ran right into the bat.

“I’m so sorry!” Daniel cried. “I didn’t see you.”

“OOOOWIE!” Harley shouted. He blinked a few times and saw two Daniels wiggling in front of him.

Harley’s mom took him back to the table and sat him down. She held some ice to his head.

“You have to wait until everyone is finished hitting the piñata before you run for candy, sweetie.” She gave him a hug.

Harley smiled, and his head was feeling better. “Cake?” he asked.

“Yes,” Andrew and Daniel’s mom said. “It’s time for cake.”

The twins stood next to their cake, and everyone gathered around to sing a song called “Happy Birthday.” Harley loved to sing. When the singing stopped, Harley was still shouting, “La La La!”

Everyone laughed. Then, Harley noticed there was fire on the cake.

“Fire!” He shouted and pointed.

Suddenly, the twins blew out the fire, and everyone clapped.

Daniel gave Harley the very first piece of cake.

“Cake,” Harley said with a sigh. “I love you, cake.”

Then, the boys tore the paper off of their presents. Now Harley understood that presents had to be a surprise!

After the party, Harley and his family drove home. He held extra cake on his lap and smiled as he remembered his fun day at the park, even if he did accidentally get hit on the head.

Donna Muñoz is a proud El Paso mom of five, assistant professor of English at El Paso Community College and author of Harley Farley and other children’s books. Eddie, Andrew and Daniel are her sons. Learn more about Harley Farley Zombie books at harleyfarleyzombiebooks.me.