Whether you’re taking a staycation or just looking for some fun in the sun near home, check out these ideas for creating instant summer vibes:

• Get Beachy: You don’t need to live near or travel to the shore to turn your backyard into an exclusive beach getaway. All you need are some lounge chairs, shades, SPF and your favorite magazines or page-turning novels. For a bit more active relaxation, invite some friends over for frisbee golf or set up a net and play “beach” volleyball.

• Eat Light: When you eat better, you feel better. Stay refreshed in warm weather with fresh fruits, vegetables, super foods and better-for-you fare. Look for local dining options that bring tropical flavors to you, such as Tropical Smoothie Cafe, a leading national fast-casual cafe. Another favorite for embracing the tropical vibe is the Bahama Mama, featuring strawberries, pineapple, white chocolate and coconut. Delicious wraps, flatbreads and sandwiches are great complements to a smoothie. To learn more, visit tropicalsmoothiecafe.com.

• Have Fun: In warm weather, there is no shortage of fun to be had. Go rollerskating. Hike a local trail. Attend a baseball game. Play mini golf. Bike to the next town. Take advantage of the great weather by spending time active and outdoors.

• Jam Out: For road trips, both long and short, backyard barbecues and more, the right playlist can create the perfect vibe. When making the playlist, think about the songs that evoke your favorite sun-and-fun memories. Then, pump up the jams whenever the mood strikes. Be sure you have portable speakers for the season so your summer soundtrack is handy wherever you go.


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