Cindy Ramirez

Cindy Ramirez

Features Editor

My oldest son had a fabulous first day of pre-kindergarten – about two decades ago.

And I wish I can say I remember it like it was yesterday, but frankly that was too many yesterdays ago.

But I do remember some moments from his first year of school that are forever etched in my heart.

Like seeing his nervous little face pressed up against the school bus window – then seeing him fall back hard into his seat as the bus abruptly started to move.

And then there was the time he was upset because he had to take an item that started with a “W” to the school’s Show and Tell. I told him a Power “Wanger” toy – his super-duper all-time favorite – didn’t qualify. With a tear rolling down his cheek, he boldly stated, “Fine, I’ll just take a ‘bowing wock’ then.”

A few years later, my twin boys started school.

I fondly recall being called to the school the first week because Twin 1 had a terrible bloody nose after being head-butted by another student during lunch. I raced to the school concerned about how this happened. That was until I walked in and saw Twin 1 with a tissue over his bloody nose, and Twin 2 with a cold compress and a trace of dry blood on his forehead.

The twins are now high school seniors, and I’m counting down to their graduation with both anxiety and eagerness – just as I did with my oldest son, who’s now a high school music teacher.

When the twins’ graduation comes, I’m certain there will be tears of happiness over the milestone – and tears of sadness that it came so quickly.

No matter what stage of their kids’ educational journey parents, students or educators find themselves, I’m certain we share similar moments of fear, sadness, happiness and pride.

We thank you for once again allowing El Paso Kids Inc. to be part of that journey.  


Cindy Ramirez is the features and digital editor at El Paso Inc. She may be reached at or 915-534-4422.


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