SISD boundaries

The Socorro Independent School District Board of Trustees unanimously approved new school boundaries at the November 2016 board meeting. The new boundaries are in effect now for new students to the district, and will be in effect at the start of the 2017-2018 school year for current students.

SISD has been proactively studying and developing the boundary adjustments to accommodate the continued rapid growth in Team SISD. The changes will allow the district to continue to offer students the best education in a comfortable learning environment while effectively using its facilities across the district.

“The boundary adjustments will balance and maximize the use of all of our facilities and our great campuses,” said Marivel Macias, assistant superintendent of administrative services. “As good stewards of our community, we want to make sure that as we are building new campuses we are not going to be closing any others.”

The district conducted 37 community/stakeholders meetings to explain the proposed boundary adjustments and gain feedback from parents, teachers, administrators, directors, and school communities. The meetings also informed families of the procedures that would be followed with the new boundaries transition.

The changes set for 2017-2018 will impact current pre-kindergarten, fifth- and eighth-grade students, who live in the new boundary areas, as they transition into new elementary, middle and high school campuses. In addition, a grandfather clause will be used to allow students to stay at their current school until they reach their transition year at the middle or high school level. The district also is implementing a sibling clause that will allow families to stay together if they apply for a waiver.

To learn more about the new school boundaries, visit the district website at


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