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The El Paso Independent School District launched a redesigned website aimed at providing users with a better, easier and more attractive experience while browsing through the pages of www.episd.org.

The new website was designed specifically for EPISD using modern and effective design elements. Icons, photographs and videos were strategically placed in order to make it easier for students, parents and employees to navigate through the site.

Designers also used icons to create shortcuts to features like Parent Portal, calendars, bus routes and other parent- and student-centric webpages with major traffic. The site also may be translated into Spanish by simply clicking a button.

“The webpage is our calling card to the world, and we are ecstatic to be able to provide a site that matches our goals of becoming a premier school district,” Superintendent Juan Cabrera said. “Our design and technology teams have worked for nearly a year in creating a site that is not only visually appealing, but also very user friendly.”

All features and information from the previous website design have been transferred to the new www.episd.org. The content, however, has been organized in a manner that eliminates clutter and eases access to users.

A key feature of the new site design is that it is fully responsive to all platforms, including mobile phones and tablets.

Also launched on Jan. 30 was the new site for the EPISD 2016 Bond. The site, which is accessible through the front page of the EPISD website, will be the hub for information to all things bond related, including project process and bond accountability data.

EPISD is in the process of updating its digital offerings to students, parents and the community. Later this spring, a new mobile phone app will be launched to help users access information on the go. The District also is redesigning campus websites within the next year.


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