I sent an email to IKEA, and you’re right about the population issue. I was told we didn’t meet the 2-million people threshold for a new store. Ft. Worth’s population is 854,000, and Frisco, Texas, has a population of 160,000, and they both have IKEA stores, so why not us? What do they against us?

Same goes for Trader Joe’s. I’ve been trying to get them here in El Paso since 1998. They said in the future, but that’s what they’ve said for 20 years. What have they got against El Paso?

I emailed Aldi and Lidl about coming to El Paso. They say maybe. Why are all these retailers not interested in El Paso? We have no competition in El Paso.

Also, why can’t we get our supermarkets back since Furr’s, Safeway, Winn-Dixie, Smith’s and so on left El Paso because of competition from Walmart stores. I hate Walmart for taking over other businesses, and it’s sad we can’t compete.

Robert Burrola

East El Paso


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