The book business ground to a halt in the middle of March this year.

We get through this by focusing on books we love: the writers and illustrators who create them, the employees who help produce them, the readers who read them. We want to pay authors and illustrators for their creative work and keep our wonderful staff employed. Plus we want to invest in the remarkable books we have queued for the fall and 2021. And beyond.

But during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic we are not generating the cash flow to make these activities feasible into the future. We have employee salaries and health reimbursements, a mortgage to pay, and other pressing bills that will keep the lights on and help us keep producing the great books you’ve come to love and rely on.

We are examining all of our options. We’ve applied for federal disaster relief, are examining the sale of our world headquarters and looking into loans. Because this is such an urgent time, we are also reaching out to the community of readers who have supported and grown the press’ work over the years for help as well. And so I’m writing to ask for your help to keep this independent publisher in business this year and to secure its future in our literary lives for the next 35 years and beyond.

If you are able in this tough time, please consider giving a contribution of any amount to help secure Cinco Puntos’ future. Even if you aren’t able to help financially, sharing this along with a kind word about our books or even a note to say hello would lift our spirits and support our work.

John Byrd,

President, Cinco Puntos Press


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