Re: “Margo vs. Leeser” by David Crowder, Nov. 29-Dec. 5, 2020 page 1A:

During his term as mayor, my husband has faced unparalleled crises with decisive calm. 

He didn’t allow the tragedy of separating migrant children from their parents define us when El Paso was “ground zero” for immigration. Instead, he invited mayors to experience the border while offering common-sense solutions for reform. 

Nor did he allow a racist shooting to define us. Instead, he communicated the love and closeness of family in El Paso/Juárez, which transcends borders. 

With consistency of message and a caring heart, he has protected lives and livelihoods during the COVID-19 pandemic, rising above the partisan antics around him. He has managed these crises while outperforming the record of his opponent in all areas – from streets and jobs, to reducing debt and supporting police and firefighters. 

It’s no wonder his voice is being heard nationally with its “refreshingly non-partisan and common-sense approach that dispels negative myths about the border,” according to John Hudak, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.

Adair Margo

First lady of El Paso

The time has come for the people of El Paso to make sure their voices are heard. That opportunity lies in voting for Oscar Leeser. 

Should our elected officials be reminded that they should speak for the majority? I believe they should. Should our elected officials be reminded that business decisions of the city should be made for the betterment of the majority? I believe they should. Should our elected officials be reminded that transparency and truths are something we as a city have the right to demand? I say yes. 

These are core values of Oscar Leeser. Oscar doesn’t twist words; he believes that we as a city have the right to know and understand the ordinances and laws placed before us. He believes that the public leaders spending our hard-earned money should do so with full transparency to the people of El Paso. 

Oscar will never ask El Pasoans to do something that he is not willing to do himself. Oscar stands for truth and solid values. We know this because his history speaks for itself. He is a man who wants to protect the health and financial well-being of the citizens of El Paso. 

Oscar has a plan. There is a saying in business: “If we don’t have a plan to be successful, we have a plan to fail.”  

We need Oscar Leeser back; we need his plan!

Shelley Mozelle

Treasurer, Oscar Leeser for Mayor

When my husband, Carlos Ramirez, was mayor of El Paso in 2000, citizens passed the first quality of life bond in the history of El Paso. Carlos asked Dee Margo to head the effort because he knew he would get the job done. Dee did, and the bond passed overwhelmingly! 

Now El Pasoans enjoy the El Paso Museum of History, as well as expanded and improved libraries and parks. That bond created momentum, and in 2012 another quality of life bond was passed. It included more parks and sports complexes, a Mexican American Cultural Center, arena and zoo improvements. 

Dee Margo succeeded Oscar Lesser, and in spite of three crises, he has moved things forward, completing more than 200 capital projects on time and under budget. 

I will vote for a mayor who knows El Paso can achieve big dreams. I will vote for Dee Margo!

Kenna Ramirez



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