Thanks from France

Re: “Whispers” by Ford Wadsworth, Sept. 19-25, 2021 page 7A:

Dear Ford, many thanks for letting people know about my being here, my participation in the exhibition and my studio hours. You and El Paso Inc. are wonderful and so supportive of me and the arts. Adding the photo in the online edition was brilliant and also much appreciated. Bless you!

When I’m in Paris and can’t easily read the entire paper online (not my forté), I always make a point of reading Whispers (and the editorials). That being said, I also have to change my VPN to Dallas or New York, etc. to view the website as European addresses are not allowed access to the website due to those tightened privacy law changes a few years back.

After being gone for 2 1/2 years, you guess well that I’m also spending “not a little time” going through the accumulated print editions and discovering what is really happening in El Paso.

Ann James Massey

Paris, France


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