El Paso’s Uncle Sam

I began reading your publication soon after it began. I have always found it informative and interesting. I subscribed to the El Paso Times for many years, but a couple of years ago I dropped that subscription due to decline in coverage and service. I continued to subscribe to your publication. However, due to age related eye issues. I now have less ability to read anything. Also, my wife and I have recently moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area in order to live with a daughter and son-in-law. Regretfully, it is time to drop my subscription to El Paso Inc.

I have wonderful memories and article clippings from past Inc. issues. Frequently, photos and articles involving me appeared in your paper, mainly involving me in parades as Uncle Sam and as some character in Concordia Cemetery Walk Through History programs. I had the pleasure to meet and work with several of your staff members over the years. Thanks for the memories!

Shannah and I moved to Flower Mound, Texas on June 26. I began to feel ill on July 16, and at an urgent care location I was diagnosed as COVID-19 positive. That was in spite of the fact that my wife and I had been fully vaccinated in El Paso by the end of March. On July 20, I collapsed and was attended to by an EMS team. On the way to the Flower Mound hospital, I said to the two paramedics caring for me, “Do you realize that you are taking Uncle Sam to the hospital? I am famous in El Paso as Uncle Sam. Check it out on the internet.” A short time later, while I was waiting in the emergency room, a hospital employee walked in and placed a black-and-white photo of me as Uncle Sam on a bulletin board. It was a photo from El Paso Inc. entitled “Meet Leon Blevins.” A few minutes later, as my bed was being rolled down the hall, three medically clothed staff members stood at attention and saluted me as I was wheeled past them. Wow! What an unusual way to be welcomed to my new hometown.

I spent five well-attended days in the hospital. I am still COVID positive and I am taking selected medications and getting a lot of rest. My new heart doctor says things look good for me and it will take a couple of months to get my heart back to full strength. 

Remember to pray for me! Thanks!

- Leon “Uncle Sam” Blevins

Flower Mound, Texas


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