Judicial races

As is my custom at election time, I offer my recommendations in the contested city judicial races on the Nov. 3 ballot. Early voting runs Oct. 13-30.

Chief Justice, Supreme Court: Nathan Hecht (R)*

Justice, Supreme Court, Pl. 6: Jane Bland (R)*

Justice, Supreme Court, Pl. 7: Staci Williams (D)

Justice, Supreme Court, Pl. 8: Gisela D. Tiana (D)

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Pl. 3: Bert Richardson (R)*

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Pl. 4: Tina Clinton (D)

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Pl. 9: David Newell (R)* or Brandon Birmingham (D)

Chief Justice, 8th Ct. of Appeals: Jeff Alley(R)* or Yvonne Rodriguez (D)#

District Judge, 383rd Judicial District: Lyda Ness Garcia (D)

Constable, Precinct No. 2: Edward Sena (D)*

Constable, Precinct No. 6: Javier I. Garcia (D)*

Constable, Precinct No. 7: Angie Sommers (R)*

Judge, City of El Paso Municipal Ct. No. 2: Maximo Daniel Munoz*

Judge, City of El Paso Municipal Ct. No. 4: Lauren K. Ferris*

Judge, City of El Paso Munic. Ct. of Appeals: Odell S. Holmes*

* Incumbent

# Justice Rodriguez is a current justice with the 8th Court of Appeals. She is seeking to move to chief justice

–Stuart Schwartz


Mayor’s race

As an El Paso businessman, I’m impressed by the way our mayor has handled crises. 

He’s also used the national spotlight to shine positive attention on our region. To have the Brookings Institution feature Dee Margo in a podcast on the border alongside San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff is positive for our region. It’s even more positive to have the interviewer so impressed by Mayor Margo’s apolitical answers and commonsense solutions that he says that by listening to leaders like him, Washington might get to real policy solutions.

By speaking on behalf of El Paso instead of reiterating national divisions, Mayor Dee Margo reminds us of what representative government is supposed to look like.

–Will Harvey



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