Diplomatic visit

Editor’s note: After Consul General Richard Hyde’s virtual visit to the El Paso region, The Borderplex Alliance and British Consulate General of Houston released the following statement of cooperation.

Consul Hyde said, “I have enjoyed a fascinating virtual tour of the Borderplex region. Our friends at The Borderplex Alliance have provided me a window into this region and have opened my eyes to the incredible economic development that has taken place there in recent years.

The interdependence of El Paso, Las Cruces, and Ciudad Juárez is a demonstration of the real value of international trade agreements like the USMCA. 

Unsurprisingly, in a region that is an embodiment of the value of international trade, we received a lot of support for current efforts to secure a UK-US Free Trade Agreement. 

In meetings with UTEP and NMSU, I heard about the work those fine universities are doing to produce the talent required by the ever-increasing range of industries coming to this region. In meetings with political leaders, I heard about their work supporting growth, the challenges of rebuilding from COVID, and the effort they put into presenting a fairer and more accurate image of this young, vibrant, safe, and fast-growing region. A virtual visit can never replace a real visit, and I look forward to visiting properly as soon as I can.”

Jon Barela, CEO of The Borderplex Alliance said, “The British are steadfast and loyal allies of the United States and our region. They are also an economic powerhouse.

The Borderplex Alliance will play an active role in advocating for the forthcoming UK-US Free Trade Agreement and positioning our unique region at the forefront of foreign direct investment and future economic development opportunities.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Consul General Hyde and his team. We can’t wait to continue this partnership in person.”

Tough times

Re: “Businesses close for good” by Robert Gray, Aug. 2-8, 2020 page 1A:

Mine has closed too – not only my business, Sunset Stables, but my side gig, a local horse and farm animal rescue and sanctuary that was directly funded by my business. Horseback rides ending – everything from trail rides and hand-led pony rides to lessons and horse boarding – not only closed me down, but now the lack of income has impacted my rescued animals.

Selling off extra equipment and household items for less than I could have gotten pre-COVID has proven futile. Next up on the chopping block is my modest little trailer home. 

My horses have nowhere to go, being unadoptable, and soon I will have nowhere to keep them. I cannot be the only rescue in the El Paso area to be hit hard, leaving the animals we have in jeopardy and leaving the animals we would have rescued… lost forever.

Jennifer Mannion

Owner, Sunset Stables


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