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Re: “From the publisher” by Secret Wherrett, Nov. 22-28, 2020 page 7A:

I read your “From the publisher” column yesterday and could not agree with you more. I hope everyone in El Paso would read and take your recommendations to heart. I hope our “leadership” would understand that fighting over who is right or wrong is a waste of time and energy.

This year’s Thanksgiving was different for most of us, but it has given us a much-needed opportunity to evaluate and to give thanks for what is truly important.

– J. Antonio Rico


In-person school

Schools need to be open now. Children need to be in school – not at home staring at a computer screen.

Many homes do not have adequate internet or Wi-Fi, and many parents cannot afford child care so are forced to miss work. They are forced to choose between going to work or staying home. Teachers teach. Most parents try hard but find it difficult to teach.

By staying home, parents miss out on desperately needed income. Who pays for groceries and rent when mom or dad are at home and not getting paid?

Children need the interaction that only in-person instruction can provide. Thousands of schools around the country have all instruction in classrooms, and they do it safely – for students, teachers and staff. It can be done.

Parents are demanding that schools open classrooms every day. When are local decision-makers going to see the light? Families and students are being crushed by closed classrooms. The time to open is now. Open all schools. 

– J Kirk Robison


Margo vs. Leeser

Voters have a choice – reelect an outstanding Mayor Dee Margo or bring back Oscar Leeser. I will vote to reelect Mayor Dee Margo. 

I served on City Council for 10 years from 2005-2015. During my last two years in office, Oscar Leeser was El Paso’s mayor. So, I have direct knowledge of his governing skills. Dee Margo is a far better choice to lead our city as mayor, because he has shown he has the skills Oscar Leeser does not possess.

Fact: Mayor Margo works successfully with our city manager and the City Council:

1) Reducing debt

2) Approving quality of life projects

3) Resurfacing and restructu

ing our streets

4) Creating jobs

Fact: Oscar Leeser underperformed Mayor Margo in every instance.

The choice is clear. Reelect Mayor Dee Margo.

–Ann Morgan Lilly

El Paso


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