Deck park

Roads connect us to far-away places, but if we’re not careful, they can divide our communities. We have witnessed this before with Interstate 10 in 1969, when Jacksonville, Florida, and Santa Monica, California, were almost miraculously connected by a single road for the first time. However, this roadway, joining distant cities on opposing coastlines, came at the expense of the connectivity of many neighborhoods here in El Paso.

With the announcement of the consideration of the Downtown deck plaza project, our community has the opportunity not only to bring uptown and Downtown together again, but to reconnect historic neighborhoods like Sunset Heights, the Rio Grande Historic District, the Magoffin Historic District and Old San Francisco. That reconnection also comes with opportunities for recreational activities, green space, public events space and other amenities. 

If constructed, the Downtown deck plaza could be a draw for the Paso del Norte region. But, more importantly, it could be a neighborhood draw, a space for El Paso families to connect and for future generations to enjoy the beauty of our city.

Margaux Dalbin

Manhattan Heights


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