Stay objective

Re: “From the founder” by Tom Fenton, Oct. 18-24, 2020 page 7A:

Your article was 100% correct concerning today’s reporting! It would be wonderful to get both sides of an article for a change and no opinion needed!! Always look forward to your articles.

– Danny Swain 


Thanks for giving voice to common sense and decency. Somehow many in our media are more interested in making news than reporting news. Your work has gone a long way toward reinforcing Inc. as a trusted voice of information and reason in El Paso. 

– Warren Goodell


Power plant needed

Re: “New power player” by Robert Gray, Oct. 18-24, 2020 page 1A:

In our lifetimes, we’ve had the luxury of flipping a switch secure in the knowledge that our lights will turn on, except maybe during a severe storm, freeze or other significant disruption. Fortunately, those occasions are rare in El Paso.   

However, earlier this year, on one of the hottest days in July, thousands of El Pasoans lost power because electricity demand exceeded supply. 

Loss of power impacts homes and residential centers and poses tremendous health challenges to our vulnerable populations. Economically, power outages are harmful to small and large businesses alike. 

El Paso Electric has proposed a new, state-of-the art natural gas electric generating unit that would replace two existing units at the Newman Generating Station in northeast El Paso. It is designed to provide cleaner, more efficient and more reliable electricity.  

Some have criticized the plan for relying on natural gas over renewables, yet El Paso Electric has said both are needed and has made a commitment to reduce carbon emissions by 25% by 2025. Even utilities that have moved more aggressively to renewables say natural gas is a bridge fuel that is the backbone of reliability. 

As the number of days of triple-digit temperatures continues to increase each year in El Paso, and as our population grows, reliability must be heavily weighed as a priority investment. At the same time, we must hold El Paso Electric accountable for meeting environmental standards.

The pandemic has knocked our community back on its heels, and recovery will take time. Let’s unite behind reliable electricity so that our future economic health and vitality don’t leave us in the dark.

– Chris Antcliff

El Paso

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