Immigration solution?

Re: “From the founder” by Tom Fenton, June 30-July 6, 2019 page 7A:

I read your insightful column on immigration. It is encouraging to see how you have presented some solutions, instead of just rehashing the same old political tongue wagging. 

What really disturbs me is the recent accusations of abuse at the migrant holding facilities in and near El Paso. I have had friends tour some of these facilities who have been amazed at how well people were treated.

I am sure the heavy increase in volume has made it not quite as nice as they described. However, going from my friend’s description to the message delivered by a New York congresswoman, down here for her dutiful visit to “the border,” is a huge stretch. 

As the CBP and Border Patrol agents discussed by this congresswoman from New York are also our friends and neighbors here in El Paso, I wonder if our own congresswoman will stand up, just once, and defend these dedicated service people.    

–Ron Munden

El Paso

Your 10-point immigration plan needs to be implemented! You are spot on with every point. It is easy to understand and very practical. Who could not agree with that?  

–Danny Swain

El Paso

I enjoy getting the web version of El Paso Inc. every week, and I especially enjoyed your recent editorial. You have a lot more common sense than Congress, and I hope you send your editorial to every single member!

Thanks for your clarity, Tom.

–Sandi Kahn Carpenter

El Paso

Say Cheese!

Re: ???

I just opened my issue of El Paso Inc. and spotted your “Whispers” column, something I always enjoy reading.  

I was so happy to read about the prospect of The Cheesecake Factory coming to El Paso. I have had the pleasure of dining there in other cities and it is a lively, whimsical restaurant. The menu is creative and extensive, suitable for adults and children, and it’s presented in a spiral notebook that is mouthwatering to peruse. Not to mention that the food is delicious and beautifully presented.

When I read your Whisper I was displeased at your offhanded and lackluster description... “huge portions”...“super high calorie count”...  

I found this to be uninviting rather than enticing.  

I truly welcome The Cheesecake Factory coming to El Paso. It will be a fantastic addition to our array of restaurants, and it was listed for six consecutive years as one of Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Companies To Work For”. And FYI, they also received the MenuMasters Award for “Healthful Innovations” for their SkinnyLicious Menu.

If the headquarters of The Cheesecake Factory read your blurb, they would be dissatisfied with the unfavorable welcome you extended them. You needlessly mentioned that they are a $2 billion dollar company. What does that have to do with anything, other than they must be doing something right!

In the future, promoting a new business enthusiastically would generate more excitement in our El Paso community and is the very least a local newspaper should do.

–Meralee Schlusselberg 

El Paso