Timeshare troubles

About this time every year companies come to El Paso, call timeshare owners and invite them to a free dinner where they tell owners they can get them out of their timeshare – for a nice fee. If you own a timeshare and receive one of these invitations, turn them down. Don’t go. These companies take your money but don’t do anything for you. 

I have been stung four times because each company was so convincing. When each time a year had lapsed, I finally realized nothing was happening related to shedding my timeshare, so I contacted the timeshare property directly (Marriot, Westgate, Lawrence Welk and Barefoot Resort) and was able to redeem the timeshare myself. I could have saved myself close to $18,000. Stupid me. 

I hope this information will save other timeshare owners time, money and aggravation.

–Duane Coleman

Sunland Park, N.M.

Adopt a pet

My adorable little dog Heidi died recently. She was 16 years 9 months old, a long-haired black Chihuahua, and weighed 4.8 pounds. I am grieving hard. I called her my shadow because she followed me around, and when I was working at my desk, she would curl up nearby. She made me feel special and important. For her small size, she had a mighty presence. 

The other dogs gave her room. She charmed everyone. It was so cute to watch her walk. She did tricks for the children at Halloween and appeared in parades. People just wanted to pick her up.

Heidi was more than a pet or a companion. She was truly family, gave emotional support, and a great company for me. It was very meaningful especially since my precious wife, Virginia, died.

Animals do so much for us. We should treat them with great respect, kindness and dignity. They have feelings and a capacity for love that is wonderful. I will always love you, Heidi. And I will smile when I think of your endearing antics. You were very special.

I urge everyone to go to a shelter and adopt a pet in order to be enriched as I have been.

– Charles Hooten

El Paso

Holiday drinking

This holiday season, we hope you are mindful of your alcohol use and how it may impact others.

Alcohol binge drinking is a pattern of excessive alcohol use that is costly and lethal for communities. As we approach the holidays, consider the following information. 18.6% of El Paso county residents report binge drinking in the past month, and this is higher than Texas, 17.8%, and the U.S., 17.4%, rates. 

This high consumption translates to $148 million of alcohol sales in 2016 in El Paso. According to the 2017 County Health Rankings, 31% of motor vehicle crashes in El Paso county involve alcohol, which again is higher than the state and national rates.

Aliviane is committed to prevent alcohol misuse by raising awareness and offer community support to address this public health issue. We offer a variety of services, including prevention and intervention programs, treatment options and recovery support services.

Through our interactive alcohol workshops, we help prevent both youth and adults from the consequences of alcohol misuse. Our outpatient and residential services provide individuals the tools and skills they need to recover from alcohol dependence.

Let us be a beacon of hope during this season for those who need help. For more information, call 915-782-4000.

–Antonio Martinez