Mystery mailers

Re: “City candidates condemn mystery mailers” by David Crowder, Oct. 25-31, 2020 page 1A:

Who’s behind the dark-money mailers and TV ads exhorting El Pasoans to vote for “Our Leaders”? The campaign cost hundreds of thousands of dollars but the donors are secret. Eleven mayor and city council candidates have demanded they identify themselves. The donors remain silent.

Given local politics, I’ll bet they are Woody Hunt and cronies, including Paul Foster. I emailed both and asked if they were behind the scheme. I got no response.

Together, both have been donating literally millions of dollars to PACs to keep the U.S. Senate Republican and flip the Democratic Congress, and to register Texas Republicans to vote. Both have penned public letters – including Paul Foster in El Paso Inc. and El Paso Times – exhorting votes for Republican Dee Margo.

Margo is the only major mayoral candidate who hasn’t denounced the dark-money campaign. He told me he doesn’t know who’s behind it. That’s hard to believe. According to his campaign finance records, he has received almost $30,000 from Woody Hunt and other high ups at Hunt Companies. He has also paid over $60,000 this election cycle to the shadowy political-operative firm Forma – and Forma admits it’s running the dark-money campaign. Margo is friends with the moneyed local developers and investors who lavish money on politics to advance their interests. How could he not know?

But El Paso voters aren’t dumb. They won’t be hoodwinked by dark money. The “Our Leaders” campaign cost gargantuan bucks, and whoever paid them threw those dollars down the toilet.

Debbie Nathan

Sunset Heights


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