Nuclear waste

Re: “New Mexico’s nuclear rush” by Sammy Feldblum and Tovah Strong, Feb. 14-20, 2021 page 8A:

Thanks for publishing the recent article by Searchlight New Mexico, “New Mexico’s nuclear rush.” The Holtec facility being given the green light by the NRC is hard to fathom. I hope New Mexico’s leadership can successfully avert the potential devastation of transporting and storing nuclear waste too close to “home.”

This enormous storage facility was opposed by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott because of safety concerns related to its proximity to one of the world’s largest producing oil fields. I don’t have enough space to expound on this, but if you put nuclear waste storage in an unstable geological area, you are inviting disaster in spite of all “safety precautions.”

The risk is too great.

I’d also like to see investigative reporting on El Paso Electric Company’s Newman 6 fracked-gas fueled power plant that slid under the radar after opposition from many entities and organizations. If I’m not mistaken, El Paso City Council voted against it in the best interest of our future environmental health.

Both topics are related because our future health is threatened by these corporate decisions. I hope El Paso Inc. will keep educating its readership on these very important topics.

- JoAnne Levine


TIRZ trouble

Re: “City to consider sale of Great Wolf parcel” by Sara Sanchez, Feb. 14-20, 2021 page 19A:

Can somebody please explain to me the public benefit of TIRZ 10, Tommy Gonzales’ plan to give millions of dollars in tax rebates to 4,000 acres of the fastest growing and expensive real estate in Northwest El Paso.

Let me refresh your memory. TIRZ 10 was created as a vehicle to trade 2,300 acres of city owned land in the Northeast to Paul Foster for 44 acres of property he owned so we could get Great Wolf Lodge. However, when that deal fell through, the need for TIRZ 10 and the tax rebates should have terminated.

Now the city proposes to sell the 44 acres to some out of town buyer in a no bid sale apparently permitted under TIRZ rules. The new owners will still get 100% tax rebates for 30 years. Are you kidding me? And what do we get? Zero.

But wait there’s more. Paul Foster’s 2,300 acres is also in a TIRZ! It gets 75% rebates for 50 years, worth $500 million. Yep, to a billionaire and his out of town partner, to build luxury homes in the Northeast. Folks you can’t make this up. Don’t look for any tax relief from these schemes in our lifetimes or even your children’s lifetimes.

Call the mayor, city manager, and your city representative. TIRZ 10 and 13 must be terminated or the participation rate reduced to less than 1%, and the land needs to be sold in a transparent public auction. That’s the proper, ethical, and fair thing to do.

- Tom Kiraly



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