Judicial races

As is my custom at election time, I offer my recommendations in the contested judicial runoff races and district attorney race on the July 14 ballot. Early voting starts June 29.

Democratic primary:

District Judge, 383rd Judicial District: Lucila Flores

District Judge, 388th Judicial District: Laura Strathmann (incumbent)

District Attorney, 34th Judicial District: James Montoya

-Stuart Schwartz


Highway help program

Re: “HEROs on-call” by Robert Gray, June 21-27, 2020 page 7A:

I find it hard to believe TxDOT has decided to restart the “free” highway help program named “HEROs on-call.” At a time when TxDOT will be struggling to find money to operate due to the decrease in gasoline sales and therefore a decrease in taxes collected, along with a soon-to-be shortage in state tax money, a byproduct of COVID-19, a “free” roadside help program seems to be poorly timed and unnecessarily conceived.

For years the towing and wrecker companies have done a good job performing these services, and why we need to use taxpayer money to damage these businesses escapes me. I am disappointed the Inc., a business newspaper, would herald a government program that will take the business from these companies as a good use of taxpayer money.

I hope this latest attempt at a government tow/wrecker/help program is short-lived and our tax money goes into fixing the roads and not changing tires and giving away gas.

-Lamar Skarda

Upper Valley


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