Re: “From the founder” by Tom Fenton, Aug. 25-31, 2019 page 1A:

I loved your story on the Aug. 3 tragedy. Our Sun City is in tears and has changed forever. Latinos are afraid because we are going to be targeted from now on. It reminds me so much after 9/11 at all the airports. I was still traveling a lot, and our whole world changed. The trust or mistrust was all over the place. Freedom of being safe was gone.

East Texas has always been very different from our El Paso desert not only in climate, but in the attitude of the people. We are warmer, kinder and polite. Texas is still fighting the Alamo and the Civil War.

The word Mexican in the 1920s-50s was not a good word. Our teachers called us Spanish Speaking, Latinos, Spanish American or Latins. Mexican American did not come in till the 60s or so. Lulac, founded in 1929, did not call it LUMAC. Mexican was a derogatory word.

In the 20s, the school board did have KKK in their membership. Many of the schools were re-named for our Texas heroes and the ones in the Alamo: Bowie, Crockett, Milam, Travis, Austin, etc.

I will share with you a poem I wrote 20 years ago after the Oklahoma bombing by one of our first domestic terrorists. I was on the plane when the stewardess announced the bombing. People started crying. I cried and wrote the poem.

– Rosa Guerrero

El Paso

Wake Up


Wake up America!

Can’t you see,

What is happening to this great land of the free?

Our cities, our streets, and even our schools

Are being invaded by all kinds of fools!

Fools that don’t care if they live or die.

They only care about getting high!

High on drugs and violence and crime;

Degenerating our nation a day at a time.

Wake up America!

Don’t you care?

The American Dream is turning into a nightmare.

It’s up to us to get it together.

How hard could it be to make things better?

It’s up to us to change and agree,

So our children’s children can be safe and free.

Wake up America!

This is the hour!

United we stand because we have the power!