I would be curious to see the following:

• El Paso ranks xxxx in education in the U.S.

• UTEP ranks xxxx of all colleges and universities in the U.S. (No Hispanic honors, please.)

• El Paso ranks xxxx in manufacturing.

• El Paso ranks xxxx in technology corporations.

• El Paso ranks xxxx in providing local employment for college graduates

• El Paso ranks xxxx in tourism.

• El Paso ranks xxxx in property taxes

• El Paso ranks xxxx in average income

Before you tell me that Rome wasn’t built in a day, I’m from here. I returned here and taught in EPISD for 15 years, watching the decay of education.

I’ve watched the swell of illegal immigrants move in and demand education for their children and government subsidies for themselves. I’ve watched bright, intelligent, aspiring students become discouraged and move away where careers (not just jobs) exist.

I’ve watched city and county government become arrogant and uncaring about the trillions of dollars in debt they’ve incurred with no way to repay it.

I’ve watched teachers, instructors and professors become disillusioned with providing an education to students whose parents accept failing grades but want the student to advance anyway.

I love this city. From the time I could reason, I wanted to serve my country and come back to find a career to support the citizens. I came back to find pseudo-homeless mixed among real homeless on the streets, beautiful homes in Central abandoned and horrendous tax rates.

I’ll be waiting for the answers, but I don’t have them. And as poor as this sounds, the solutions would be difficult and painful for many.

Mike Schwartz

El Paso