Re: “City wants new cab rules, especially at airport” by David Crowder, Dec. 2-8, 2018, page 5A:

I was very happy to read your article about the taxi companies in El Paso.

I just moved to El Paso, and my experience with taxis here was similar to what I have experienced in Cancun, Mexico.

I arrived on a late flight, and I was very happy to find several taxis waiting when I went outside. I thought: Perfect, I don’t have to wait for an Uber. I can just jump into a taxi.

Little did I know what was about to happen.

As we drove away, I realized the taxi did not have a meter! I thought: How bad can it be? I asked the driver to take me Downtown where I had my car parked to drive home.

After an 8-minute drive, I asked how much I owed. He explained to me the city and the taxi companies had gone through negotiations and agreed to remove the meters from all of the taxis, and he charged me $40! I just moved from LA and thought the charge was very high.

I talked to some of the people I met about my experience, and they told me I should have taken an Uber. It would have been $15.

A colleague of mine came last week, and her experience was similar to mine.

I wouldn’t mind paying a little more so I don’t have to wait. However, the difference between $40 and $15 is substantial!

The driver was pleasant and the cab was clean, but my colleague and I felt taken advantage of.

While (Border Cab owner) Mr. Olivar blames unfair competition from Uber and Lift for why people don’t take taxis, I would tell him: You take the taxi and pay for it!

I will never take a taxi again in El Paso. As the city competes to attract new businesses, I would tell the city: Don’t allow these few people to tarnish the name of El Paso.

Wolfgang Jonas