Resign to run?

Re: “Council votes Tuesday on calling special election” by David Crowder, Sept. 1-7, 2019 page 8A:

David Crowder nailed it on his reporting that detailed that the most likely outcome Tuesday would be a tie between City Council calling for the overthrow of city Rep. Cassandra Hernandez.

The Sunday report alerted the mayor and the city attorney of that possible outcome, forcing those actors to find an alternate way to circumvent the system in favor of political expediency for Mayor Margo to oust a potential political opponent, Rep. Hernandez.

We witnessed the eroding of democracy Tuesday, and worse the active participation of city attorneys, whose job it is to protect the taxpayers, in the political gamesmanship that will eventually lead to a lawsuit.

By their logic, I can announce for any City Council member to run for higher office and that would force their resignation.

I do not always agree with her policies, but I do agree that our government is under attack, and worse this action sets a precedent that is clearly unreasonable by any lawful standard.

In honest, I am shocked that my city government and those I voted for are lowering the standard of sound governance and eroding the public trust by their political actions to seize power for political gain.

Leti Tovar

South Central