I love El Paso

Earlier this month, I returned from a trip to El Paso where I spent time with my sister, nieces and friends. I grew up in El Paso and although I have lived away from the area for a while, I enjoy visiting at least two to three times a year.

Over the last couple of years, I have been increasingly impressed with the changes taking place in El Paso! There’s a vibrancy to the area, new development taking place and many people who are choosing, once they complete their education, to stay in, or return to El Paso to live and work.

One seemingly small, but important addition to Downtown are bathrooms near the plaza. I say “seemingly small” because I know from experience working at a school in Dallas that this is not easily achieved.

The school where I work is across from a park where families with young children play. Often parents will cross the street to ask to use the bathroom since none is provided at the park. The school tried unsuccessfully to persuade Dallas city officials who were facing elections, to support installation of bathrooms at the park. Citing concerns about crime, trash, personnel costs and homelessness, officials were not willing to address the need. I appreciate that during his campaign, Mayor Dee Margo pledged to make bathrooms available and once elected, did so!

In the last couple of years, El Paso has been in both National and Texas news. Mayor Margo represents the city well, and I appreciate his leadership in both large and small ways!

–Becki Hardie