Anna Alemán

El Pasoans are record-breakers.

About 120,000 more of us voted in last week’s midterm election than voted in the 2014 midterm election. That’s a record-breaking increase of around 150 percent!

Now, with Election Day behind us, we’re asking you to circle another date on your calendar so we can break another record together. But this one is not for a political party or a favorite candidate; it’s for philanthropic causes throughout our community.

The Paso del Norte Foundation’s third annual El Paso Giving Day is Thursday, Nov. 15. We’re seeking to raise $300,000 for more than 220 trusted local nonprofit organizations in our region.

That would be a record-breaking amount for a single day of philanthropy!

Your donation can help participating organizations continue their important work in our community. The minimum donation is just $10. Participating organizations range from health care and social services to animal welfare and education.

Visit to see a complete list of organizations and make your contribution to as many of them as you like.

Just like voting, you don’t have to wait until Nov. 15 to participate! Early giving is underway right now at

Our community broke records for early voting; let’s do it for early giving. The participating nonprofit organization that gets the most donations during early giving will get a $2,000 bonus generously sponsored by the Meadows Foundation.

Now that your Facebook feed and Instagram page are free from all those political posts, you can use that real estate to remind your friends and family to be a part of El Paso Giving Day. Just use the hashtag #EPGivingDay.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we will keep you up-to-date on special opportunities. Cast your vote for our community at

Anna Alemán is director of development for the Paso del Norte Foundation, which includes the Paso del Norte Health Foundation, Fundación Paso del Norte Para la Salud y Bienestar and El Paso Giving Day.


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