We have seen our share of adversities in El Paso recently. The coronavirus pandemic has had a profound and prolonged impact. Amid the uncertainty, one thing holds true: We are in this together.

With the help of donor partners like Bank of America and donors like you, the El Paso Community Foundation is committed to investing in our community through innovative programs like our Get Shift Done initiative, which pays displaced restaurant workers $10 an hour to assist El Pasoans Fighting Hunger, a local food bank working to meet an increasing demand for assistance.

El Pasoans Fighting Hunger is facing an unprecedented challenge. As El Paso’s only food bank, already skyrocketing demand is expected to increase as more individuals and families run out of financial reserves. The organization is seeing a tremendous surge of first-time clients, in addition to increased requests from the 130 partner agencies within its distribution network – food pantries, churches and shelters across three counties.

Launched in Dallas and expanded to El Paso, Get Shift Done is an innovative way for us to help meet staffing needs at the food bank while helping members of our community seeking assistance due to unexpected employment loss.

Through the Shiftsmart platform, we’re helping provide rotating shifts at the food bank for unemployed El Pasoans.

We set an optimistic goal at the beginning of April to fill the first 40 daily shifts. We are pleased to have exceeded that, averaging 100 four-hour shifts per day in El Paso. Nearly 1,000 individuals have signed up for the program.

At the end of April, more than 260 of them completed at least one shift, and program participants earned $62,000 in wages since Get Shift Done launched. We look forward to increasing our ongoing efforts to address critical needs during the coronavirus pandemic.

Alongside other initiatives within the El Paso Community Foundation, like Feed the Frontline, El Paso and our El Paso County Medical Society COVID-19 Masks and PPE Fund, Get Shift Done is making a direct impact on the well-being of our community.

Those efforts are possible thanks to support from our partners, including the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, which provided $75,000, and El Pasoans like you.

During this time, local nonprofits like El Pasoans Fighting Hunger are facing daunting challenges. In response to these obstacles, companies like Bank of America are stepping up their support.

For more information or to donate, go online to EPCF.org/GetShiftDone.

Eric Pearson is CEO and president of the El Paso Community Foundation, and Kristi Marcum is Bank of America’s El Paso market president.


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