President Biden has characterized the proposed Texas voter law as “an assault on democracy.” Others have said the proposed legislation is “aimed at restricting Black voters.” And national headlines have slammed the legislation with headlines suggesting Texas is deliberately trying to disenfr…

When I first toured Spaceport America at the end of 2011 – an assignment I was more than happy to take as an El Paso Inc. reporter – Virgin Galactic, I wrote, “could send tourists into space as soon as 2013, if everything goes as planned.”

At the risk of opining above my pay grade, and in view of the announcement that national guard units from other states are en route to help secure the Texas border, I am proposing a solution to the migrant situation.

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If you’re like me, you are probably drowning in electronic communications. Chalk it up to one more issue exacerbated by the pandemic.

Friends and family of Myrna Deckert, with the generous support of Southwest University Park, are hosting a meet and greet at the Downtown ballpark from 10 a.m. to noon this Saturday, June 26, to celebrate Myrna’s life. Myrna was the long-time El Paso nonprofit leader who built El Paso’s YWCA…

At the El Pasoans of the Year awards celebration Thursday evening, we announced a special film project.

Over the last few days wife Ellie and I have 1) had restaurant dinners with friends; 2) gone to the movies; 3) traveled by plane to see kids and grandkids we hadn’t seen in a year; 4) attended service clubs and board meetings in person.

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Three years ago there was much excitement about the groundbreaking on El Paso’s long overdue Franklin Mountain State Park visitor’s center.

Seems like a day doesn’t go by that our national media report another Black person shot dead by police. Yet there are never any stories in which the victim is of another race. So I wondered whether Black people are the only ones police are killing.

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Behind the scenes at El Paso Inc. we have a lot going on and I’m not talking about our relocation.

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It seems like it has taken forever but El Paso Inc. is finally in the last throes of our move out of the Porfirio Diaz location – home for more than 20 years – into a remodeled portion of the PDX Printing warehouse at 209 Noble Street Downtown.

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For a break in regular news, I provide you another update on Milo, my 10-year-old cat. In case you’re not following my riveting columns in careful detail, here’s the abbreviated recap: Milo lost. Milo recovered by animal services and returned home thanks to his microchip. Milo near dead and …

With last week’s mass shootings in Colorado and Georgia, and the renewed interest in regulating firearms, I couldn’t help but notice that Texas seems to be going the other way.

Last week I learned a lot more than I intended about microchipping pets. That’s because our cat Milo had been missing for more than a month. With all the bobcat, mountain lion and coyote sightings, and the big freeze, I’d lost hope.

By now you should have received your copy of El Paso Inc.’s annual Book of Lists. On the cover is a stunning shot of the Franklin Mountains taken by staff photographer Jorge Salgado and his newest tool of the trade, a drone.

Reading about the blackouts that left up to four million Texans without power for as long as four days left me wondering if El Paso could be in for the same. If you were here at the end of January of 2011, you know what I am writing about.

In the coming weeks, El Paso Inc. events manager Erin Pfirman and her husband John will begin turning their front yard into a regenerative urban farm.

Six weeks ago, I wrote about a new book by El Pasoan Don Shapiro, “Power at the Pass,” detailing his life and great success in apparel manufacturing.

Here’s a thought: With so much concern over social media companies and what’s happening to democracy, why don’t politicians quit using the platforms? After all, politicians should be partly to blame for helping these companies amass such staggering audiences. How many users did Trump bring t…

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