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Across newsrooms, editorial staffs are being asked to engage with their communities.

The El Paso Community Foundation and KVIA held a farewell reception Monday for former news anchor Estela Casas. Upwards of 200 people turned out, including the mayor, elected representatives, colleagues and various community organizations – beneficiaries of her charitable endeavors.

It is with great honor that we announce the El Pasoans of the Year and the Community Spirit Award. While this year’s awards are somber and lack the usual joyful celebration, they continue to recognize excellence in our community.

Back in the day, before things turned ugly in Mexico, a trip across the border was standard drill among the many things to which the Sun Bowl host committee treated visiting team members.

Sid Balman, who lives in the nation’s capital but has close friends in El Paso, has authored a new book, “Seventh Flag,” that weaves global conflicts into a vivid West Texas tale.

Mexico’s drug and extortion gangs are out of control and it’s time for the United States to help. As this was written, there were reports of 10 dead in Juárez, and this just after nine Americans, including two mothers and seven children, were shot dead just south of the Arizona border. Then …

Sorting through my mail at home last week, I came across a thick, beautifully printed magazine promoting this season’s hottest toys.

Wife Ellie and I usually buy the cheapest gas we can find. Not that it makes a lot of difference with her little hybrid, but with a big SUV, paying attention to price can add up.

On Oct. 4, city Rep. Sam Morgan was arrested and charged with domestic violence.

It seems to me that well intentioned people have been misled in their attempts to ban or, in the case of Beto, force buybacks or confiscate so called “assault rifles.” All that needs to be done to cut down on the carnage is to ban high-capacity magazines.

A sure way to stay young and hip – in your heart anyway – is to bone up on the latest language trends.

Got any idea what your smartphone or smart speaker has been doing to you while you are sleeping? I didn’t – until I caught a National Public Radio broadcast suggesting both devices are spying on you, selling or at least exposing vast quantities of your personal data – perhaps even tax return…

Permit me to offer a few after thoughts on the Walmart shooting. First, that something like this would happen in El Paso still boggles my mind. One of the things that touches me about El Paso is how kind and generous most people are, and how different races and religions all get along, mutua…

Newton’s Third Law of Motion says “For every action there will always be an equal and opposite reaction.”

There are two types of stories that are slam-dunks with readers everywhere: Weight loss and animals.

Here’s what bothers me about the minimum wage discussion making headlines across the country this week.

WACO – At a niece’s wedding here last weekend one question popped up repeatedly when people heard we were from El Paso: “What’s going on at the border?”

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