Here’s a thought: With so much concern over social media companies and what’s happening to democracy, why don’t politicians quit using the platforms? After all, politicians should be partly to blame for helping these companies amass such staggering audiences. How many users did Trump bring t…

It seems to me that the vaccine distribution program could have, and should have, been run a lot better. It has been suggested that the process would be better served if it were turned over to an Army quartermaster.

El Paso Inc. is honored to announce this year’s El Pasoans of the Year: The COVID-19 frontline health care heroes; and the Community Spirit Award: Susan Goodell.

As President-elect Joe Biden struggles to fill positions with people representing the diversity of America, and corporations and nonprofit boards are challenged to do the same, I have a few questions.

If you could benefit from a little optimism right now, here’s some encouragement from Warren Buffett:

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Don Shapiro, who rolled into El Paso with $40 in his pocket and in two decades built Action West into a $50 million jeans maker with 2,800 employees, has published a book memorializing his success.

We can point fingers and blame the leadership, or lack of, for El Paso’s terrible coronavirus situation. There’s no consensus on the right path forward: to shut down, not shut down, or what to shut down.

In the run-up to the election, comments from some of my eight siblings became so distressing that I blocked them on email, telephone, text and social media. All but two live in California, and three came out of Cal Berkeley, which probably explains a lot.

A great idea that has been trashed over the last few years is that of objective journalism. Remember Sgt. Friday in the original Dragnet TV series? His famous line was “Just the facts, ma’am.” And really, that’s what we need and all that we need.

As this issue headed out to press, El Paso Inc. enjoyed an early deadline so that our staff could attend the Women of Impact awards on Friday night.

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Rioters in Louisville and other cities are misdirecting their wrath over the shooting death of Breonna Taylor and the fact no one has been charged in her death.

Does it feel like the world has gone crazy? There’s no doubt that everyone’s on edge. From politics to coronavirus and everything in between, human anxiety is at a boiling point. Even here in El Paso.

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So here I am supposedly having made a living and career using grammatical rules I should have learned in school years ago. Alas, some of those rules remain elusive even after all this time. Occasionally I have to resort to asking our resident grammarian, Inc. Editor Robby Gray, whether it is…

Across El Paso, families have been transitioning back to school in a virtual format.

One of the recurring themes on the Associated Press retiree blog concerns the loss of a pet. These are tear-jerkers, and anyone who has had to put down a beloved pet will empathize with the owner’s loss.

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This week some good news! El Paso Inc. is thrilled to announce the 2020 Women of Impact.

So I’m minding my own business at work when my cellphone rings.

On Friday, El Paso Inc. will open up the vote for Best of El Paso and I am asking each of you to participate. Please cast a ballot.

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