On Friday, El Paso Inc. will open up the vote for Best of El Paso and I am asking each of you to participate. Please cast a ballot.

Hanging out in our backyard last week, my husband pointed to a rare sighting. Thousands of feet in the sky, a commercial jetliner departed El Paso. “Someone’s going somewhere!” he joked.

Hopefully by the time this makes its way to you via print or the internet ether, the unrest will have quieted down. But I must tell you that writing about it provoked some heated discussion at El Paso Inc. There was a great concern, especially among our younger staffers, that I would take a …

Have you fallen down a coronavirus rabbit hole a time or two? You have to be careful, as there is a minefield of conspiracy theories and false information awaiting you.

Until recently my preferred sight of a Canadian goose was over the gold bead at the end of my 12 gauge, leading the bird by about 15 feet.

A great way to recycle is to avoid the recycling center altogether. Surely my unwanted items are better suited for donation and will bring great joy to someone else.

Every year at this time the Rotary Club of El Paso Foundation awards a $5,000 scholarship to a senior at each EPISD high school.

After an extra long spring break, school districts across El Paso asked their students to return to class. The buildings are still closed, but educators mobilized quickly to launch virtual classrooms and online learning.

Let me offer a bit of levity to take your mind off having to stay home all day and watch television. Oh you aren’t? Shame on you. For the first time ever Americans have been asked to help save the country by turning into TV-watching couch potatoes. We must not screw this up!

This week’s newspaper came together amidst tall stacks of boxes, piles and piles of paper and many overloaded bins headed to the shredder or recycler.

Once in a while you run across an obscure event from the past that, while astonishing, is mostly forgotten. And so it is with the story I am about to tell you.

El Paso Inc. is wholeheartedly grateful for the outstanding showing of support at the El Pasoans of the Year and Community Spirit Award luncheon, which is well recapped in this issue.

There is unfinished business in connection with the Aug. 3 shooting. First, of course, is dealing with the shooter. (See David Crowder’s story on the front page on why El Paso and not the Feds will try the shooter first at a cost estimated into the millions) The other piece of unfinished bus…

If all goes to plan, 20 or so mini-hearts, crafted by a 3D printer in an El Paso lab, will be orbiting the earth in less than two years – snug in the International Space Station, unbound from gravity 240 miles above the Earth.

El Paso Inc. is now in its 25th year, something we are noting with a few discrete reminders in the run-up to the silver anniversary date later this year. Our chief designer Edgar Gonzalez has woven a little reminder of the event into our front page nameplate, and we will roll out other marke…

With its origins rooted in efforts to combat unregulated false and deceptive advertising, the Better Business Bureau has been working to foster an ethical marketplace since 1912. Today, the BBB is often associated with resolving disputes and calling out bad actors. While that is an important…

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Across newsrooms, editorial staffs are being asked to engage with their communities.

The El Paso Community Foundation and KVIA held a farewell reception Monday for former news anchor Estela Casas. Upwards of 200 people turned out, including the mayor, elected representatives, colleagues and various community organizations – beneficiaries of her charitable endeavors.

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