The morning was still black as we walked on to the launch field; the sun had not yet climbed over the Sandia Mountains. Thousands of people wrapped in jackets or blankets, nursing cups of coffee, covered the 78-acre field.

Think of a great city and you can probably think of a park it is known for: Central Park in New York City, Hyde Park in London, Lumpini Park in Bangkok, Zilker Park in Austin and many, many others.

Running free at one of her favorite places at the El Paso Zoo, the Foster Tree House Playground, my 4-year-old daughter suddenly became aware of another presence in her path.

Tucked inside President Trump’s 2017 tax overhaul package is an incentive that offers investors huge tax breaks for developing in designated underserved areas the government calls Opportunity Zones.

When I worked here as a reporter, one of my favorite beats to cover was Downtown. I arrived in El Paso in 2008, just as Downtown revitalization was getting going – a great time to be a business reporter in El Paso.

If you were in the Cielo Vista neighborhood between 7 and 8 p.m. last Sunday, you might have seen a 30-something dad wearing a skate helmet and wrist guards riding on rollerblades with a miniature dachshund, reliving the ‘90s while attracting stares.

Retirement is a funny thing. Even if you’ve planned for it – mostly the financial part – it’s still a leap into the unknown, a scary proposition.

HOUSTON – With an afternoon to kill recently wife Ellie and I were torn between two local choices: Should we visit the Van Gogh exhibit at the museum? Or the San Jacinto Battlefield?

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