It’s not surprising that manufacturers in this region, one of the largest industrial centers on the border, buy a lot from suppliers: $39 billion worth every year by one estimate.

So here I am supposedly having made a living and career using grammatical rules I should have learned in school years ago. Alas, some of those rules remain elusive even after all this time. Occasionally I have to resort to asking our resident grammarian, Inc. Editor Robby Gray, whether it is…


On what feels like day 10,572 of the pandemic, I have a confession to make: The Gray household is quickly exhausting its kidtainment reserves.

In June of 2013, my wife and I went from being a couple with no kids to being parents, parents of a beautiful little boy from Thailand. In December of 2015, a little boy from South Korea joined our family. And in 2017, we completed our third international adoption, and a little girl from Tha…

Folded inside this week’s El Paso Inc., you will find our 2020 medical and health special section. And tucked inside that, on page 12, is a bit of good health news worth highlighting.

As the economy eases open and we brace for the return of traffic and more road construction – will it ever end? – I have some good news.

Was the fever – along with the chills, the aches, fatigue and that stubborn dry cough – I had back in February actually COVID-19?

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