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I knew some readers would be unhappy about my decision to run a guest column by former El Paso first lady Adair Margo in support of the city’s plans for a Downtown arena.

It’s a desert land – one of sand, “evening primrose, barrel cactus, incense bush, smoke tree and creosote bush” but mostly sand – inhabited by a people perpetually underestimated by outsiders.

In the short videos taken by social workers on their phones at a children’s home in Thailand, the boy spoke in a low, gravelly voice. You had to lean in to hear him when he spoke, which wasn’t often. He was gentle, shy and liked to color, especially dinosaurs.

In the room Tuesday in Downtown were the managing partners of several firms that help high-profile companies decide where to open or move facilities, as well as economic development officials who work to attract companies to Texas.

There’s a heavy book sitting on my desk filled with the words of 251 El Pasoans. I enjoy cracking it open occasionally, not just for the cast of characters and history it holds but for the sheer pleasure of reading.

When I first toured Spaceport America at the end of 2011 – an assignment I was more than happy to take as an El Paso Inc. reporter – Virgin Galactic, I wrote, “could send tourists into space as soon as 2013, if everything goes as planned.”

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