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President Biden has characterized the proposed Texas voter law as “an assault on democracy.” Others have said the proposed legislation is “aimed at restricting Black voters.” And national headlines have slammed the legislation with headlines suggesting Texas is deliberately trying to disenfr…

When I first toured Spaceport America at the end of 2011 – an assignment I was more than happy to take as an El Paso Inc. reporter – Virgin Galactic, I wrote, “could send tourists into space as soon as 2013, if everything goes as planned.”

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Through Diez y Seis de Septiembre, Mexican Independence Day, the El Paso Museum of Art and the Museo de Arte de Ciudad Juárez present the Fifth Transborder Biennial, a fascinating look at El Paso, Juárez and the entire Borderland through the eyes of artists from both sides of the line.

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Democrats and Republicans have been negotiating the passage of a multitrillion-dollar infrastructure bill focused on repairing traditional infrastructure, including bridges, highways and airports. However, a chunk of the proposed funding should be invested in the international ports of entry…

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With tax season underway, you are probably looking forward to receiving your tax refund. Or you may have received a bonus at your job! If you are waiting for your tax refund or bonus, you may already be thinking of using it on your next vacation, a down payment on a vehicle or something else…

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Marketing your business well requires strategic planning to ensure that your business excels in your city and against your local competitors. Four things to keep in mind are price, product, promotion and place. These four key marketing components will help you determine the best ways to mark…

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There are many factors to take into consideration when looking to buy a car. The brand, model, color, interior and the way it runs are some of the things that we are immediately driven to consider at first. Purchasing a vehicle takes time and research — if you are planning to purchase a car …

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We absolutely love seeing El Paso and Juárez natives excelling in the fashion world! So we’re especially thrilled to tell you about Leigh Elena Navarro, a 1996 Coronado High School grad who will visit the city next week from her home in Austin. This gifted designer and entrepreneur has her o…

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Police and gun violence

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Nuclear waste

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Re: “State commission considers El Paso Historic District” by David Crowder, Jan. 17-23, 2021 page 3A:

As is my custom at election time, I offer my recommendations in the contested El Paso judicial races on the Dec. 12 ballot. Early voting runs through Dec. 8.

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