Aerial video by El Paso Inc. shows Amazon's fulfillment center rising rapidly in east El Paso County on Tuesday. When the facility opens next year, it will be the retail giant’s first in the region and bring about 750 jobs, with a starting wage of about $15 an hour, according to the company. Inside, employees will work alongside Amazon robotics to pick, pack and ship small items to customers, including books, electronics and toys, the company says. Amazon has not made public the price tag, but El Paso economic development officials have said it is one of the largest capital investment projects in the region since Union Pacific’s railroad project in Santa Teresa that began in 2011.

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Great to see another major milestone in El Paso’s economic growth.


In my opinion, Amazon move its headquarters out of Seattle and to El Paso. This is not as radical as it sounds.

The real estate is much more affordable here in El Paso for Amazon employees who want to buy homes instead of living in overpriced apartments. The city is very safe and the desert climate, once you acclimate, is wonderful.

Most of all, El Paso isn't going to slap cray-cray "wealth taxes" on Amazon's top earners. El Paso isn't going to have riots or so-called "autonomous zones" or talk about getting rid of police.

Jeff Bezos has his space project nearby. He wouldn't have to fly all the way from Seattle to Texas for his space project but could have his driver take him to the space project in a couple hours if Amazon had its headquarters in Seattle.

Why, oh, why, doesn't the local media editorialize for this? For Amazon to pack up lock, stock, and barrel and move to El Paso? Think how good "The Spheres" would look in downtown! And those plants would get a lot more sun in the Sun City.

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