Rhoberta Leeser

Rhoberta "Mamma" Leeser phone banks on behalf of Oscar Leeser in 2013.

Rhoberta Lakehomer Leeser, the mother of former El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser and the matriarch of the large Leeser family, has died at 89.

A cute, diminutive woman, she’s been known for years to El Pasoans for looking fondly up at her son, who towered over her in TV commercials for his Hyundai car dealership, and saying emphatically, “My Oscar, he’s such a good boy!”

She also appeared in his 2013 campaign ads when he ran successfully for mayor, but she has been conspicuously absent from his political ads this year when he’s making his second run for El Paso mayor.

Rhoberta’s husband for 67 years, Arthur Leonard Leeser, and her daughter, Nanette, both died before her. But she is survived by six children, 13 grandchildren and 31 great grandchildren.

The Leeser family has lived in El Paso since the late 1960s when they emigrated from Chihuahua, Mexico. Oscar Leeser spoke no English at the time but went on to become a highly successful businessman and community leader as president of Hyundai of El Paso.

“My mom was a rock star,” Leeser said in Friday’s announcement of her death. “I credit my mom with her work ethic and determination.

“We will feel her loss and her influence every day for the rest of our lives.”

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