CVS pharmacy

The CVS pharmacy near Kern Place at 2525 N. Mesa is closing.


Maybe it was the presence of three other pharmacies within a few blocks on North Mesa Street, but the four-year-old CVS Pharmacy near Kern Place is closing April 2.

“CVS Pharmacy has made the difficult business decision to close our store at 2525 North Mesa,” a company spokesman, Mike DeAngelis, responded in an email after El Paso Inc.’s inquiry last week. “We will continue to serve local customers at our nearby CVS Pharmacy at 201 North Mesa.

“We will also work with employees affected by the store closing to place them in other available positions in our company.”

A customer, Ray Garcia, saw a sign announcing the closing on the door as he left the CVS Thursday morning and said he was surprised at first.

“But now that I think about it, there’s these other pharmacies popping up,” he said, referring to a new Community Walgreens a block away on the same side of the street.

There’s also a full-sized Walgreens pharmacy that’s been in business for years about a quarter mile north and another quarter mile north is the Albertson’s grocery store with a pharmacy.

“Unfortunately, where I work, they only use the CVS pharmacies,” Garcia said. “But I live near the Resler store, and I think there are at least two others on the Westside.”

A company listing includes 13 CVS pharmacies in El Paso.

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