High-priced kicks might seem like a niche market, but two teens in El Paso have taken the trend and run with it, garnering national attention for their good eyes for one of the most popular trends of the 2010s.

Kickpin, at 5860 N. Mesa, celebrated its third anniversary last week. The store is the project of brothers Drew, 16, and Jamie Frank, 15 – two Coronado High School students who started the business when they were still in middle school.

“It’s a great feeling to see how much support we’ve gotten over the last three years,” Drew Frank said. “We want to see where it takes us and what doors it opens for us in the future.”

The store sells new and resale pairs of highly coveted sneakers.

The walls are lined with colorful, pricey pairs of shoes, as well as a few autographs from Kickpin’s famous clients, including Lil Pump, Aaron Jones and Khalid.

Jamie Frank said he and his brother were introduced to the world of kicks while they were playing basketball.

“Sneakers are a big part of (basketball),” Jamie Frank said. “Then we started slowly selling sneakers. We built up enough inventory to open up a pop-up.”

The pop-up, which has since moved to a brick-and-mortar location in the Shops on Mesa center, is open about once a month. Kickpin is on Instagram and regularly posts updates about upcoming pop-ups, sneaker selections and philanthropic efforts.

The Frank brothers have also expanded their portfolio beyond just sneakers. They recently launched a high-end streetwear clothing brand called Concrete Hills. They’ve also established a foundation, the Kickpin Foundation, as a way to give back to the community.

“We’ve donated about 4,000 sneakers through the Kickpin Foundation,” Drew Frank said. “We donate to less fortunate children all around El Paso and the world.”

More information on the Kickpin Foundation, including how to donate or volunteer, can be found at KickpinFoundation.com.

The brothers are supported by their parents, Dana and Adam Frank. Dana is the daughter of El Paso philanthropists Stanlee and Gerald Rubin, and Adam is president of one of the area’s largest commercial real estate firms, River Oaks Properties.

Both Drew and Jamie said they prioritize their schoolwork, and that the past three years have been a learning experience on how to manage schedules and commitments. They said they are both A students and finish their homework before coming to work in the store.

“We both plan on going to college,” Jamie Frank said. “Hopefully this can open more opportunities for us.”

Email El Paso Inc. reporter Sara Sanchez at sesanchez@elpasoinc.com or call (915) 534-4422, ext. 105.


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