First Lush store

The 1,440-square-foot Lush store inside Cielo Vista Mall is on the lower level, next to the Pandora jewelry store.

You could smell it before you could see it. Lush, the global cosmetics chain known for its colorful scented bath bombs and lotions, opened its first El Paso store last Sunday, Feb. 16, at Cielo Vista Mall.

“We are so excited to throw open the doors to a brand new store in Cielo Vista,” Elisa Torres, Lush’s director of retail, said in a statement. “Bigger shops, thoughtfully designed with the customer experience in mind, provide more space to demonstrate our ethics, playfully interact with our customers, and present our new and ever growing product range.”

The 1,440-square-foot store inside Cielo Vista Mall is on the lower level, next to the Pandora jewelry store. It features a large bathing area to house the company’s bath bombs.

The company was founded in 1995 as a small, family-run business in Poole, UK and expanded across the Atlantic in 1996, according to a press release. Lush now has more than 250 locations in North America, and the Cielo Vista store is its 18th in Texas.

Lush held a pop-up shopping event during the winter holidays at Cielo Vista Mall to introduce El Pasoans to the Lush line of products.

At the new El Paso store, customers are able to smell and test products and get consultations and recommendations by store employees. The company also produces products like its Charity Pot lotion, where all sales of the cream go toward various nonprofit organizations.

Store officials said the El Paso Lush interior is designed with reclaimed wood from the Pacific Northwest.


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