Erik Pavia

Erik Pavia

Do you want to know how many years on average you might have left on this good earth? There’s an app for that.

Everyone’s relationship with death is different, but one El Paso entrepreneur is hoping an app can help remind users of the gift and curse of mortality as a way to be more present.

Erik Pavia created the concept for an app called Moment, which visualizes the user’s lived time and hypothetical time remaining. Moment was released online last week.

Pavia is the founder and CEO of Pantheon, a tech startup that creates wellness apps and programs for corporate companies. He said he created the Moment app as a creative stand-alone product.

“Moment kind of came out of that. We realized we had to do more stuff around mindfulness,” Pavia said. “I’ve always been interested in the impact that keeping your mortality in mind can have on your daily presence.”

It may not be as sunny as checking the weather app, but Pavia said he hopes Moment can be effective in helping people make decisions about what to do with their time.

The app does not give you a “death day,” and Pavia stressed that nothing can accurately predict when someone will die.

Moment works by taking a user’s birth date and running it against Social Security actuarial tables. The actuarial tables are published every two years and show the average of how many years a person at any given age has left, based on mortality rates of the population.

The app takes that data and visualizes it in a straightforward way, showing how much time has been lived and how much could be left. The app also provides the user with a daily reflective quote.

Pavia, 30, said he wanted the design of the app to be simple because the topic of death and mortality can sometimes be conflated with imagery like skulls and grim reapers.

“This has been a part of my own personal philosophy,” Pavia said. “I think there’s just something about the simplicity, cleanliness and design that allows people to adopt it for themselves and give it their own meaning.”

The app was conceptualized and designed by Pavia and was engineered by Frank Gutierrez, a student at El Paso Community College.

“I want to help in the development of the talent base here in El Paso,” Pavia said. “We grow this city by being aware that we have amazing talent and by spending time developing it.”

Pavia is from Canutillo and graduated from UTEP and from Stanford University for law school. He previously worked at Knotch, a Silicon Valley company that does ad analytics and content-planning platforms.

He is also the entrepreneur in residence at the Medical Center of the Americas and teaches business law at UTEP.

He said Pantheon has a few local investors and a couple from Silicon Valley, but that for the most part El Paso is a distant dream to the tech behemoth city.

“People in Silicon Valley don’t know about El Paso. They think it’s like two stoplights and a Walmart. Pitching to investors is difficult,” Pavia said. “You try to pitch people here, and they’re not always familiar with venture capital. There are a lot of challenges there.”

The Moment app can be downloaded on both Apple and Android systems at It is in development for Apple Watch and iPad.

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