Angela Mora

Months after the city’s public health director stepped down, the interim named to replace him will now stay in the position permanently.

Angela Mora was named El Paso’s public health director, the city announced last week. Robert Resendes, the former public health director, resigned in May. Mora was the interim since then.

Mora began working at the city in 2008 as deputy director, according to a news release. She is native to the borderland and was born in Juárez.

“I am honored to be entrusted to lead the Public Health Department and look forward to collaborating with my colleagues and the public to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic,” Mora said in a news release. “These are trying times, but together we can tackle the challenges. Beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, my goal is to obtain health equity throughout our community.”

The public health director oversees the city’s public health department, which has been handling some coronavirus lab tests and public messaging about the pandemic. She will also oversee all public health programs for the city, including food inspection, health education, HIV prevention, the immunization program and public health emergency preparedness.

The city conducted a national search to look for someone to fill the position. According to a news release, 37 candidates applied.

“An extensive, rigorous selection process that included a national search and two interview panels with various city leaders and members of our Communities of Excellence partners from the El Paso County’s University Medical Center was engaged to select our next Public Health Department Director,” City Manager Tommy Gonzalez said in a news release. “We’ve accepted the panels’ recommendation and are thrilled to also be able to capitalize on our own internal talent and professionals.”


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