Loan range Company
$5-10 million Pizza Properties Inc.
$5-10 million Rudolph Chevrolet
$2-5 million Argentum Recycling Inc.
$2-5 million Border Recapping LLC
$2-5 million Casa Ford Inc.
$2-5 million Castro Enterprises Inc.
$2-5 million DA Defense Logistics HQ LLC
$2-5 million Datamark Inc.
$2-5 million Diversified Interiors of El Paso Inc.
$2-5 million El Paso Trade School Inc.
$2-5 million Ept Integrity Asset Management LLC
$2-5 million Excel Garment Manufacturing, Ltd.
$2-5 million Goal Transports Inc. DBA Trans-National Express
$2-5 million Gustavo Jimenez, Inc.
$2-5 million Lucchese, Inc.
$2-5 million M&S Group, Inc.
$2-5 million Out West Express LLC
$2-5 million Rudolph Imports LLC
$2-5 million Saratoga Group LLC
$2-5 million Talk 4 Less Wireless Communications LLC
$2-5 million The Garick Group Inc.
$2-5 million Verlander Enterprises LLC
$2-5 million Vinton Steel LLC
$2-5 million Viscount Properties LLC
$2-5 million ZTEX Construction Inc.
$1-2 million Agave Transportation Services Inc.
$1-2 million Aliviane Inc.
$1-2 million Amaru Motors 3 LLC
$1-2 million Amc Bus Inc.
$1-2 million Amo Enterprises Inc.
$1-2 million Arm Healthcare LLC
$1-2 million Border Investors Capital LLC
$1-2 million Bowen Mach. & Fabricating Inc.
$1-2 million Casa Nissan Inc.
$1-2 million Centro De Salud Familiar La Fe Inc.
$1-2 million Centro San Vicente
$1-2 million Crawford Buick Gmc Inc.
$1-2 million Dharma Home Care Inc.
$1-2 million Dick Poe Dodge LP
$1-2 million Dick Poe Motors LP
$1-2 million Diocese of El Paso
$1-2 million East El Paso Physicians Medical Center LLC
$1-2 million ECM International Inc.
$1-2 million El Paso Paper Box Inc.
$1-2 million Enrique Mata Sr Drywall LLC
$1-2 million Epmed, Pa
$1-2 million Funk and Company
$1-2 million Hospice of El Paso Inc.
$1-2 million Howl Transportation LLC
$1-2 million Hoy Family Auto Inc.
$1-2 million Irene Trjuillo DBA Care Home Health Agency
$1-2 million Kemp Smith LLP
$1-2 million La Familia Health Inc.
$1-2 million Lone Star Apple LLC
$1-2 million Maintenance Unlimited Inc.
$1-2 million Management And Engineering Technologies International Inc.
$1-2 million Mesilla Valley Biofuels LLC
$1-2 million Mid-West Textile Co.
$1-2 million Mimbela Contractors Inc.
$1-2 million Mission Chevrolet Ltd.
$1-2 million Mountain Star Sports Group LLC
$1-2 million Munoz Trucking Inc.
$1-2 million Odessa Enterprises Inc.
$1-2 million Paso del Norte Children's Development Center
$1-2 million Plastic Molding Technology Inc
$1-2 million Poe Imports LP
$1-2 million Polymerica Limited Company
$1-2 million Project Amistad Inc.
$1-2 million Project Vida Health Center
$1-2 million Quikstudy Learning Centers Inc.
$1-2 million Ray Pe–a McChristian, PC
$1-2 million Rio Grande Urology, Pa
$1-2 million Rj Border International LP
$1-2 million Russell Trnsprt Inc./Sw Piggyba
$1-2 million Scott, Hulse, Marshall, Feuille, Finger & Thurmond PC.
$1-2 million Segovia's Distributing Inc.
$1-2 million Seisa Medical Inc.
$1-2 million Sky Transportation Services Inc.
$1-2 million Southwest Hyundai LP
$1-2 million Spectrum Imaging Technologies Inc.
$1-2 million Spectrum Relocation Group Inc.
$1-2 million Supreme Laundry & Cleaners Inc.
$1-2 million Tabet Enterprises Inc.
$1-2 million Tri-State Ventures LLC
$1-2 million Trutemps Inc.
$1-2 million Ultimate Concrete LLC
$1-2 million Urgent Care Home Health Inc.
$1-2 million Valor Personal Assistance Services Inc.
$1-2 million Venegas Engineering Management and Construction Inc.
$1-2 million Young Women's Christian Association El Paso del Norte Region

The government on Monday released the names and some other details of recipients who were approved for $150,000 or more through the Paycheck Protection Program. The loan amounts were only released in ranges. Source: Small Business Administration

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